10 Health Benefits of Basil or Tulsi Leaves

10 Health Benefits of Basil or Tulsi Leaves: The oldest tree for mankind, Holy Basil or Tulsi leaves are the most healing and healthy quality in many houses in India you can see tulsi leaf trees the smell and taste of basil leaves depending on the oil present in them. Cinnamate, citronellol, geraniol, linalool, pinene, and terpineol are some of the oils that are completed with their medicinal properties that one can find across all species of basil.

1.Beneficial for digestion: Tulsi helps in boosting digestion, Tulsi strengthens digestion and the digestive system and to be a good remedy for headaches, insomnia. Basil leaf eugenols keep your digestion healthy, tulsi leaves keep the acid levels in the body slightly and maintain the pH label of the body. The eugenol present in tulsi leaves.

2. Skin Benefits: Tulsi leaf oil helps to clean the skin from the inside, this fantastic theory cleans the hair well closed with a lot of dust for oily skin. mixing tulsi leaves, sandalwood, and rose (gulab) water to make a paste and apply on the face and wash it with cold water for 20 minutes and wash it off with cold water to prevent from getting antimicrobial quality acne.

3. Helps in fighting depression: The essential oil sinus in tulsi helps to fight depression and tension. this herb stimulates your neurotransmitter so that you are happy and control the hormone responsible for keeping you active করেI tulsi is considered as an anti-stress agent.

4. Fights Free Radicals: Tulsi contains many natural antioxidants, which protect your body’s tissues from wounds from free radicals to reduce oxidative stress in the body, to increase the consumption of antioxidants. Tulsi contains flavonoids antioxidants, orientin, this antioxidant can add to your immune system, protect the formation of cellular.

5. Immunity Booster: Tulsi is an antioxidant. Drinking tulsi extract drops in water increase immunity. Put tulsi extract in 1 liter of water and consume it after some time.

6. Fever & Common Cold: Tulsi, a beneficial anti-flu worker, relieve diseases like fever, flu, swine flu, dengue, cold, cough, cold, cold, plague, malaria.

7. Red blood cell: Tulsi is rich in anti-inflammatory elements. Its continuous intake increases the body of red blood cells.

8. Vomiting problems: According to experts, tulsi is beneficial even if pregnant women have vomiting problems.

9. Sore throat: Consuming tulsi with honey cures cold and throat pain. If the cough does not subside, grind tulsi leaves and ginger and mix with honey. This will help

10. Dental: Tulsi also relieves foul smell from the mouth. Tulsi is effective in co-dental pain and gum bleeding.

More Benefits of Tulsi

  • According to experts, rubbing tulsi on the body can prevent mosquitoes.
  • Applying tulsi drop on a wound can prevent infection
  • When in earache, applying tulsi drop lukewarm in the ear reduces the pain.
  • Know that Tulsi also acts as an antibiotic. Using it every day removes harmful elements from the body.

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