Health Benefits of Buttermilk or Chaas – Why is Chaas Good for You?

Health Benefits of Buttermilk: Milk is rich in quality but less fat than milk, this dairy food is in Buttermilk, which we call buttermilk or chaas. As a result, those who have difficulty digesting milk, i.e., lactose intolerant, can also easily eat buttermilk rich in protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals. It is also easy to digest as it has high lactic acid levels.

Benefits of Buttermilk

The dietician said, “Not everyone likes to eat curd. Even young children sometimes don’t want to eat milk or curd. Lactose is intolerant but milk cannot be consumed. In these cases, sugar can be mixed with its curd and made into delicious buttermilk. The body needs to have more liquid intake in any season, especially in the heat. Many may not eat as much water as everyone needs to drink every day or go out on the streets. In that case, Buttermilk is a very good solution. It also gave the body the necessary fluids, calories, and nourishment”. In some diseases such as renal disease, fluid intake needs to below, so it is better not to eat buttermilk. When a diabetic patient eats, sugar should not be added.

Buttermilk or Chaas also helps indigestion. There are times when there are stomach problems after eating cooked food with too much garlic, onions, or other spices. Eating a glass of buttermilk after such a meal helps indigestion. Because it helps to wash away excess fat that makes layers on the esophagus. Moreover, after eating too much, it often feels lazy, not encouraged. Then the difficulty can be done by the buttermilk. The vitamins present in it are effective in relieving weakness or anemia.

Lassi or buttermilk or mold is especially beneficial for those who have digestive problems. Since it has high lactic acid levels, it fights bacteria and to keep the stomach clean and

Helps indigestion. When mold is made by mixing ginger, pepper powder, or cumin seeds, it contains digestive aids. This ingredient helps in solving gas problems in the stomach. So this drink is beneficial for those who suffer from such problems regularly.

Since buttermilk is made with curd, salt, and sometimes various spices, it also has the ability to prevent dehydration. This drink can avoid heat and make up for the water deficiency in the body as it is full of electrolytes. Not just dehydration, but heat rash, sweating, weakness. Buttermilk is also very effective in all these cases. But buttermilk also has a role to play in keeping the body cool.

It is also very easy to make delicious spice lassi or mold at house. Blend a cup of sour yogurt, two cups of cold water, green chilies, a little ginger, a tablespoon of chopped coriander leaves, half a teaspoon of cumin powder, bits and salt to taste, a little chaat masala together in a mix. Then pour it into the glass and spread coriander leaves or mint leaves on top. Just as it is good to eat this lassi, it will keep the body cool.

Drinking buttermilk reduces bad cholesterol in the body and bioactive compounds in buttermilk control cholesterol levels. Therefore, bad cholesterol decreases, and good cholesterol increases. benefits of buttermilk for weight loss

Drinking buttermilk helps in smooth blood supply. Digestive problems are also lost. Especially gas and acidity are reduced. The skin also becomes brighter.

Eating the most common mangoes in summer buttermilk rice provides high doses of vitamin A and D to the body.

Buttermilk is rich in B-complex vitamins. They protect against anemia. It supports the vitamin D immune system.

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